Vendors, Arenas, Competitions, New Alexandria and More!

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Vendors, Arenas, Competitions, New Alexandria and More!

Post by The Arklands on Fri Jan 27, 2017 8:44 am

We have a lot of stuff planned for the Server! It's in its very early days, so it may take a little while for these things to come to fruition:

- Arenas

So I've been considering building Dino V Dino Arenas, and PVP Arenas. Others can come to watch the event and place bets. The winner of the fight will get some kind of prize.

- Vendors

Admin-Run Vendors in the main city. These will only be open during select times, but you'll be able to get almost anything you want... for the right price, of course!

- Competitions, Challenges... Daily Missions?

Competitions may be related to killing a certain creature, taming a certain creature, or...?
Challenges are occasional missions that are a little more difficult than the average mission.
Daily missions are a thing that are currently in talks/development.

- New Alexandria

I built Alexandria on a previous server. Some of you may know of it. In this server, myself and other admins will be building a bigger, better Alexandria.

If you guys have any suggestions for other events etc. Do let us know!

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